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up Parent Directory 15-Jun-2020 13:55 - directory GMP's World SMGs 17-Jun-2019 17:24 - [IMG] 002.png 30-Aug-2019 08:07 832k [IMG] 10.png 30-Aug-2019 08:27 348k [IMG] 11.png 21-Jun-2019 09:20 280k [IMG] 18.png 21-Jun-2019 09:19 488k [IMG] 1830.png 17-Jun-2019 11:50 2848k [IMG] 19.png 21-Jun-2019 09:19 312k [IMG] 21.png 21-Jun-2019 09:18 168k [IMG] 23.png 21-Jun-2019 09:18 172k [IMG] 6.png 21-Jun-2019 09:13 628k [IMG] 7.png 21-Jun-2019 09:18 168k [IMG] 8.png 21-Jun-2019 09:18 416k [IMG] 9.png 21-Jun-2019 09:18 836k [IMG] ADASA.png 30-Aug-2019 08:07 400k [IMG] ARAC.png 30-Aug-2019 08:07 376k [IMG] ARMU STABLE.png 30-Aug-2019 08:07 796k [IMG] Albertini.png 18-Jun-2019 16:52 16k [HTM] Andrews machine carbine.html 01-Oct-2014 21:30 4k [HTM] Ansaldo Crocetti.html 17-Jun-2019 14:43 4k [HTM] Armaguerra Mod.35.html 24-Oct-2019 11:11 4k [IMG] Armaguerra Mod.35.png 17-Jun-2019 14:44 220k [IMG] Atchisson .22 SMG.png 03-Jul-2014 12:19 1984k [HTM] Atchisson2.html 03-Jul-2014 12:19 4k [HTM] Atmed.html 09-Oct-2014 20:10 4k [IMG] Atmed.png 09-Oct-2014 20:09 444k [IMG] Austrian MP.png 18-Nov-2019 13:43 552k [IMG] Austrian MP2.png 18-Nov-2019 13:46 488k [IMG] Austrian SMG 3.png 01-Apr-2020 12:18 952k [IMG] Austrian Villar Perosa.png 10-May-2020 11:13 1452k [IMG] Austrian gun.png 18-Nov-2019 13:43 1068k [IMG] BMK-32.jpg 17-Jun-2019 17:19 24k [HTM] BSA .5.html 22-Feb-2020 17:18 4k [IMG] BSA .5.png 22-Feb-2020 17:17 160k [IMG] BSA 1.png 11-Sep-2014 15:48 876k [IMG] BSA 2.png 11-Sep-2014 15:48 1140k [IMG] BSA 3.png 18-Jun-2019 13:42 292k [HTM] BSA Experimental Machine Carbine.html 13-Apr-2020 11:24 12k [IMG] BSA MC1.png 21-Jun-2019 09:15 344k [IMG] BSA Machine Carbine Bayonet.png 16-Sep-2014 11:26 592k [IMG] BSA Mk1 bolt.png 13-Apr-2020 08:25 816k [IMG] BSA Mk1 cocking position.png 13-Apr-2020 08:25 624k [IMG] BSA Mk1 folded.png 13-Apr-2020 08:25 820k [IMG] BSA Mk1 stock folded.png 13-Apr-2020 08:25 632k [IMG] BSA Mk2 cocking position.png 13-Apr-2020 08:25 644k [IMG] BSA Mk2 mag folded.png 13-Apr-2020 08:25 596k [IMG] BSA Mk2.png 13-Apr-2020 08:25 656k [IMG] BSA Mk3 bayonet.png 13-Apr-2020 08:25 532k [IMG] BSA Thompson.png 18-Jun-2019 13:41 176k [IMG] BSA X16.png 07-Jul-2014 11:56 1784k [IMG] BSA-Andrews.png 01-Oct-2014 21:29 208k [HTM] BSA-Kiraly.html 01-Jul-2014 20:14 4k [IMG] BSA-Kiraly.png 01-Jul-2014 20:14 776k [HTM] BSA-Kiraly2.html 03-Jul-2014 08:25 4k [HTM] BSA.html 16-Sep-2014 11:29 8k [IMG] BSAK.png 21-Jun-2019 09:19 372k [HTM] Baker percussion revolver.html 09-Jul-2014 16:38 4k [IMG] Baker.png 07-Jul-2014 14:20 436k [IMG] Balter.png 30-Aug-2019 17:46 384k [IMG] Beretta 1918-30 Argentina.png 13-Apr-2020 10:43 1012k [IMG] Beretta 1918-30.png 13-Apr-2020 10:43 392k [IMG] Beretta Bigrillo.png 17-Jun-2019 11:49 344k [IMG] Beretta M1918.png 17-Jun-2019 11:49 268k [IMG] Beretta M191830.png 17-Jun-2019 11:49 512k [IMG] Beretta Mod. 2.png 18-Jun-2019 13:44 368k [IMG] Beretta Mod.10.png 17-Jun-2019 17:36 112k [IMG] Beretta Mod.12.png 17-Jun-2019 17:36 120k [IMG] Beretta Mod.6.png 17-Jun-2019 17:36 100k [IMG] Beretta Mod.7.png 17-Jun-2019 17:36 100k [IMG] Beretta Mod.8.png 17-Jun-2019 17:36 112k [IMG] Beretta Model 1.png 18-Jun-2019 13:44 336k [HTM] Beretta Model 1918.html 13-Apr-2020 10:51 16k [IMG] Beretta Model 2.png 18-Jun-2019 13:44 576k [IMG] Beretta Model 3.png 18-Jun-2019 13:44 376k [IMG] Beretta Model 38 Prototype.png 18-Jun-2019 16:40 760k [IMG] Beretta Model 38-42 Early model.png 18-Jun-2019 16:40 524k [IMG] Beretta Model 38-42 Late model.png 18-Jun-2019 16:40 448k [IMG] Beretta Model 38-42 prototype.png 18-Jun-2019 16:40 472k [IMG] Beretta Model 38-43.png 18-Jun-2019 16:40 384k [IMG] Beretta Model 38-44.png 18-Jun-2019 16:40 384k [IMG] Beretta Model 38-49 prototype.png 18-Jun-2019 16:40 192k [IMG] Beretta Model 38-49 short.png 18-Jun-2019 16:40 356k [IMG] Beretta Model 38-49.png 18-Jun-2019 16:40 360k [IMG] Beretta Model 38.png 18-Jun-2019 16:40 192k [IMG] Beretta Model 38A 1.png 17-Jun-2019 17:36 156k [IMG] Beretta Model 38A Early model.png 18-Jun-2019 16:40 212k [IMG] Beretta Model 38A Late model.png 18-Jun-2019 16:41 320k [IMG] Beretta Model 4.png 18-Jun-2019 13:44 336k [IMG] Beretta Model 5.png 18-Jun-2019 16:40 420k [IMG] Beretta RA1 1918.png 13-Apr-2020 10:43 3068k [IMG] Beretta RA2 1918.png 13-Apr-2020 10:43 2804k [IMG] Berg Lettet Forsogs.png 30-Aug-2019 18:13 124k [IMG] Bergmann BMK.png 30-Aug-2019 18:13 364k [IMG] Bergmann MP18 I Section.png 29-Dec-2019 17:02 620k [IMG] Bergmann MP18 I.png 29-Dec-2019 17:02 408k [HTM] Bergmann MP18.I.html 13-Apr-2020 10:55 12k [IMG] Bergmann MP18.png 17-Jun-2019 17:17 316k [IMG] Bergmann MP18I Police.png 29-Dec-2019 17:02 2048k [IMG] Bergmann MP34.I.png 17-Jun-2019 17:17 252k [IMG] Bergmann MP35.I.png 17-Jun-2019 17:17 228k [IMG] Bergmann MP35.png 17-Jun-2019 17:17 328k [IMG] Bergmann magazines.png 30-Dec-2019 19:21 828k [IMG] Bergmann.png 17-Jun-2019 17:17 1796k [IMG] Bernardelli VB.png 18-Jun-2019 13:43 232k [HTM] Biwarip.html 11-Sep-2014 09:01 4k [IMG] Biwarip.png 11-Sep-2014 09:01 700k [IMG] Brandt.png 17-Jun-2019 17:38 772k [HTM] Brondby.html 30-Jun-2014 16:03 4k [IMG] Brondby.png 14-Mar-2019 22:42 224k [IMG] C1 SMG.png 30-Aug-2019 08:27 560k [IMG] C1.png 18-Jun-2019 13:42 136k [IMG] CB-61.png 04-Jun-2020 08:26 696k [IMG] CB-64 patent.png 04-Jun-2020 08:36 192k [IMG] CETME CB-64.png 30-Aug-2019 08:07 600k [IMG] CETME CB64 4.png 04-Jun-2020 08:26 1564k [IMG] CETME CB64 safety.png 04-Jun-2020 08:26 268k [IMG] CETME CB64.png 04-Jun-2020 08:26 376k [HTM] CETME_CB64.html 04-Jun-2020 08:36 8k [IMG] Carl Gustav M45.png 18-Jun-2019 13:41 252k [HTM] Cei-Rigotti SMG.html 25-Oct-2019 11:42 4k [HTM] Chaineux pinfire revolver.html 09-Jul-2014 16:35 4k [IMG] Chaineux revolver.png 09-Jul-2014 16:33 588k [IMG] Coenders SMG.png 29-Aug-2019 16:54 652k [HTM] Compact.html 11-Sep-2014 16:08 4k [IMG] Danish Hovea.png 31-Aug-2019 10:40 768k [IMG] Dansk Hovea.png 17-Jun-2019 17:36 28k [IMG] Danuvia 39M.png 14-Mar-2019 22:42 260k [IMG] Danuvia 43M.png 18-Jun-2019 16:56 128k [IMG] Danuvia 44.png 18-Jun-2019 16:56 20k [IMG] Darche SLR.png 08-Mar-2020 17:53 204k [IMG] Darche.png 08-Mar-2020 17:53 208k [HTM] Dawson.html 09-Jul-2014 16:35 4k [IMG] Dineley 1.jpg 14-Apr-2020 07:32 596k [IMG] Dineley 2.jpg 14-Apr-2020 07:32 592k [HTM] Dineley machine carbine.html 14-Apr-2020 14:04 4k [HTM] Dinely.html 03-Jul-2014 10:51 4k [IMG] Dinely.png 01-Jul-2014 20:14 536k [IMG] Douglas Recoilless.png 30-Aug-2019 08:26 1148k [IMG] Douglas SMG 1.png 13-Apr-2020 12:12 1084k [IMG] Douglas SMG 2.png 13-Apr-2020 12:12 872k [IMG] Douglas SMG testing.png 13-Apr-2020 12:12 1772k [IMG] Douglas magazine 1.png 13-Apr-2020 12:12 592k [IMG] Douglas magazine 2.png 13-Apr-2020 12:12 864k [IMG] Douglas operation.png 13-Apr-2020 12:12 668k [HTM] Douglas_recoilless.html 13-Apr-2020 12:16 8k [IMG] Dux 51.png 29-Aug-2019 16:56 124k [IMG] EMP M34.png 30-Aug-2019 08:09 148k [IMG] EMP-44.png 29-Aug-2019 16:58 432k [IMG] EMP.png 14-Mar-2019 22:42 308k [IMG] ETVS.png 14-Mar-2019 22:43 688k [IMG] Ekins Automatic.png 30-Jun-2014 13:39 232k [HTM] Ekins.html 07-Aug-2014 18:53 4k [IMG] English.png 07-Jul-2014 14:20 240k [IMG] Enouy Rifle.png 18-Aug-2014 15:33 2108k [IMG] Enouy percussion trans revolver.png 30-Jun-2014 13:40 1040k [HTM] Enouy's percussion rifle.html 18-Aug-2014 15:33 4k [HTM] Enouy.html 18-Aug-2014 13:25 4k [IMG] Erma MP36.png 29-Aug-2019 16:54 80k [IMG] Erma MP38.png 29-Aug-2019 16:54 348k [IMG] Erma MP40.png 29-Aug-2019 16:54 416k [HTM] Erquiaga MR-64.html 30-Dec-2019 18:18 8k [HTM] Experimental STENs.html 07-Jul-2014 12:01 4k [IMG] F2.png 18-Jun-2019 17:01 704k [IMG] F3.png 18-Jun-2019 17:01 468k [IMG] FDA.png 17-Jun-2019 17:34 132k [IMG] FIAT submachine gun.png 18-Jun-2019 16:42 344k [HTM] FIAT.html 29-Dec-2019 12:58 4k [IMG] FMP-1.png 29-Aug-2019 16:56 664k [IMG] FN Heinemann MP35.png 31-Aug-2019 11:15 556k [IMG] FN Heinemann.png 14-Mar-2019 22:41 584k [IMG] FN Saive 2.png 18-Jun-2019 13:38 204k [IMG] FN Saive.png 18-Jun-2019 13:38 200k [IMG] FN Vervier.png 14-Mar-2019 22:41 592k [IMG] FNA-B X4.png 18-Jun-2019 16:54 360k [HTM] FNA-B X4_X5.html 10-Jan-2020 16:48 4k [IMG] FNA-B X5 cross section.png 10-Jan-2020 16:46 364k [IMG] FNA-B X5.png 10-Jan-2020 16:46 856k [IMG] FNA-B.png 17-Jun-2019 17:34 132k [IMG] FNAB X4.png 18-Jun-2019 16:54 1344k [HTM] Fest FMP-1.html 14-Aug-2014 08:19 4k [IMG] Fest FMP-1.png 14-Aug-2014 08:18 1024k [IMG] Franchi LF57.png 18-Jun-2019 13:42 268k [IMG] Francis SLC Disassembled.png 03-Jul-2014 13:39 228k [HTM] Francis.html 04-Oct-2014 10:25 4k [IMG] Frommer.png 14-Mar-2019 22:42 1224k [IMG] Furrer Doppelpistole.png 10-May-2020 11:14 460k [IMG] Furrer M1919.png 17-Jun-2019 17:36 88k [IMG] Furrer Model 1919 2.png 13-Apr-2020 13:03 2904k [HTM] Furrer Model 1919.html 13-Apr-2020 13:09 4k [IMG] Furrer Model 1919.png 13-Apr-2020 13:03 3768k [IMG] G13.png 29-Aug-2019 16:55 224k [IMG] G14.png 29-Aug-2019 16:55 312k [IMG] G2.png 29-Aug-2019 16:55 36k [IMG] G20.png 29-Aug-2019 16:55 256k [IMG] G4.png 29-Aug-2019 16:55 364k [IMG] G6.png 29-Aug-2019 16:55 200k [IMG] Genar.png 17-Jun-2019 17:34 124k [IMG] Gerat Potsdam.png 29-Aug-2019 16:54 384k [HTM] Get_Em_Puppy's Automatic Rifles.html 08-Mar-2020 22:44 16k [HTM] Get_Em_Puppy's World SMGs.html 15-Jun-2020 13:55 356k [IMG] Gevarm.png 17-Jun-2019 17:38 400k [IMG] Gollat MX 1935.png 29-Apr-2020 12:31 136k [IMG] Gollat MX1935.png 30-Aug-2019 08:07 348k [HTM] Gollat_MX_1935.html 29-Apr-2020 12:32 4k [IMG] Griffiths & Woodgate automatic rifle.png 08-Mar-2020 17:51 2900k [IMG] Griffiths Woodgate.png 08-Mar-2020 17:51 452k [IMG] Griffiths-Woodgate.png 08-Mar-2020 21:28 452k [IMG] HK54.png 29-Aug-2019 16:56 660k [IMG] Haenel MP28.jpg 29-Aug-2019 16:57 132k [IMG] Haenel MP41.png 14-Mar-2019 22:42 208k [IMG] Halle Gas Operated.png 08-Mar-2020 17:51 2692k [IMG] Halle mechanism.png 08-Mar-2020 17:52 232k [IMG] Halle operation.png 08-Mar-2020 17:51 108k [IMG] Halle rifle.png 08-Mar-2020 17:51 2740k [HTM] Harvey percussion revolver.html 09-Jul-2014 16:43 4k [IMG] Harvey.png 07-Jul-2014 14:20 376k [IMG] Harvey2.png 07-Jul-2014 14:20 576k [HTM] Heinemann MP-32.html 08-Aug-2014 20:35 4k [IMG] Heinemann.png 29-Aug-2019 16:56 380k [IMG] Hellriegel.png 18-Jun-2019 13:40 16k [IMG] Hotchkiss Type 11.png 31-Aug-2019 08:29 52k [IMG] Hotchkiss Type 304.png 31-Aug-2019 08:29 44k [IMG] Hotchkiss Universal.png 31-Aug-2019 07:59 556k [IMG] Howard Francis SLC.png 30-Jun-2014 13:40 528k [IMG] Howell Automatic.png 30-Jun-2014 13:40 516k [IMG] Husqvarna M37.png 17-Jun-2019 17:35 112k [IMG] Imperia.png 18-Jun-2019 13:38 484k [HTM] Ingram Model 5.html 30-Jun-2014 14:08 4k [IMG] Ingram Model 5.png 27-Mar-2020 18:18 1628k [HTM] Ingram2.html 19-Aug-2014 20:44 4k [IMG] Jurek Mk.II.png 18-Jun-2019 13:42 248k [IMG] Jurek MkI.png 18-Jun-2019 13:42 144k [IMG] Jurek MkII.png 01-Jul-2014 17:27 244k [HTM] Jurek.html 01-Jul-2014 17:45 8k [IMG] Jurekpair.png 01-Jul-2014 17:25 2012k [IMG] KP M44.png 17-Jun-2019 17:38 456k [IMG] Kiralytrigger.png 01-Jul-2014 20:14 3212k [IMG] Koishikawa 1927.png 21-Jun-2019 09:35 152k [IMG] Koishikawa 1928.png 21-Jun-2019 09:35 100k [IMG] Koishikawa.png 14-Mar-2019 22:43 64k [IMG] Kokoda MCEM1.png 30-Jun-2014 13:40 1620k [IMG] Kokoda MCEM2.png 30-Jun-2014 13:40 1292k [HTM] Kokoda.html 30-Jun-2014 14:15 4k [IMG] Kucher K1.png 18-Jun-2019 16:56 864k [IMG] LSA rifle.png 08-Mar-2020 17:50 2636k [IMG] Labora.png 30-Aug-2019 08:07 568k [IMG] Lahti AL43.png 17-Jun-2019 17:38 584k [IMG] Lahti M22.png 17-Jun-2019 17:38 32k [IMG] Lahti M24.png 31-Aug-2019 10:44 368k [IMG] Lanchester Model 1.png 25-Sep-2014 13:42 1236k [IMG] Lanchester Model 2.png 25-Sep-2014 13:42 416k [IMG] Lanchester X2.png 14-Mar-2019 22:42 292k [HTM] Lanchester.html 30-Jun-2014 16:56 4k [IMG] Lanchester.png 14-Mar-2019 22:42 176k [HTM] Lang percussion revolver.html 09-Jul-2014 16:40 4k [IMG] Lang percussion revolvers.png 07-Jul-2014 14:23 556k [IMG] London.png 08-Mar-2020 21:28 484k [IMG] MAC 48 LS.png 30-Aug-2019 07:19 632k [IMG] MAC.png 18-Jun-2019 16:58 296k [IMG] MAC2.png 18-Jun-2019 16:59 428k [IMG] MAS 24.png 14-Mar-2019 22:41 712k [IMG] MAS 35.png 31-Aug-2019 07:59 432k [IMG] MAS-24.png 17-Jun-2019 17:38 376k [IMG] MAS-38.png 14-Mar-2019 22:42 180k [IMG] MAS-48.png 17-Jun-2019 17:38 800k [IMG] MAT-49.png 17-Jun-2019 17:38 424k [IMG] MC5 SB.png 30-Jun-2014 13:40 188k [HTM] MCEM-1_3.html 30-Jun-2014 16:56 4k [IMG] MCEM-2.png 18-Jun-2019 13:42 748k [HTM] MCEM-2_6.html 30-Jun-2014 17:28 4k [IMG] MCEM-3.png 21-Jun-2019 09:11 116k [IMG] MCEM-4.png 07-Sep-2014 09:52 40k [IMG] MCEM-6.png 21-Jun-2019 09:11 364k [IMG] MCEM1.png 07-Sep-2014 09:52 376k [IMG] MCEM12.png 07-Sep-2014 09:52 340k [IMG] MCEM2.png 07-Sep-2014 09:52 612k [IMG] MCEM3.png 07-Sep-2014 09:52 208k [IMG] MCEM6.png 07-Sep-2014 09:52 456k [IMG] MP28 cross-section.png 30-Dec-2019 19:21 252k [IMG] MR64 1.png 30-Dec-2019 18:15 392k [IMG] MR64 2.png 30-Dec-2019 18:15 576k [IMG] MR64 3.png 30-Dec-2019 18:15 656k [IMG] MR64 4.png 30-Dec-2019 18:15 772k [IMG] MR64.png 14-Aug-2014 09:29 788k [IMG] Madsen 45.png 17-Jun-2019 17:34 200k [IMG] Madsen M1945.png 30-Aug-2019 18:13 868k [IMG] Madsen Model 52.png 17-Jun-2019 17:36 156k [IMG] Madsen Suomi.png 30-Aug-2019 18:13 744k [IMG] Madsen.png 18-Jun-2019 13:29 68k [IMG] Mauser MP-56.png 29-Aug-2019 16:54 408k [IMG] Mauser MP3008.jpg 29-Aug-2019 16:58 288k [IMG] Mauser MP33 disassembled.png 12-Apr-2020 21:57 904k [HTM] Mauser MP33.html 12-Apr-2020 22:00 4k [IMG] Mauser MP33.png 29-Aug-2019 16:57 368k [IMG] Mauser MP60.png 29-Aug-2019 16:54 924k [IMG] Mauser Model 33.png 12-Apr-2020 21:59 1060k [IMG] Mitchell SMG.png 25-Sep-2014 13:43 380k [HTM] Mitchell.html 19-Jul-2014 21:41 4k [IMG] Model 55 Compact.png 11-Sep-2014 16:05 1708k [IMG] Mukden Arsenal SMG 2.png 05-Jan-2020 18:06 624k [IMG] Mukden Arsenal SMG.png 05-Jan-2020 18:06 908k [IMG] NAACO.png 30-Aug-2019 08:28 288k [IMG] Nambu Type 100-40.png 14-Mar-2019 22:40 56k [IMG] Nambu Type 100-44.png 14-Mar-2019 22:40 56k [IMG] Nambu Type 2 2.png 05-Jan-2020 18:06 604k [IMG] Nambu Type 2 A.png 05-Jan-2020 18:06 492k [IMG] Nambu Type 2 cocked.png 05-Jan-2020 18:06 648k [IMG] Nambu Type 2 disassembled.png 05-Jan-2020 18:06 444k [HTM] Nambu Type 2.html 05-Jan-2020 18:06 8k [IMG] Nambu Type 2.png 05-Jan-2020 18:06 596k [IMG] Nambu Type IIB 1.png 30-Aug-2019 08:38 460k [HTM] Nambu.html 30-Jun-2014 14:09 4k [IMG] Nambu.png 14-Mar-2019 22:43 1076k [HTM] Nambu2.html 03-Jul-2014 09:30 4k [IMG] Naranjero.jpg 30-Aug-2019 08:08 260k [IMG] Nevxet machine pistol.png 22-Feb-2020 00:01 1648k [IMG] Nevxet suppressed.png 22-Feb-2020 00:01 4280k [HTM] Nevxet.html 22-Feb-2020 00:02 4k [HTM] Norm carbine.html 03-Jul-2014 17:14 4k [IMG] Norm carbine.png 21-Jun-2019 09:08 828k [IMG] Norm gun.png 21-Jun-2019 09:08 972k [IMG] Norm.png 25-Sep-2014 13:43 1224k [IMG] Norm2.png 11-Oct-2014 19:52 1268k [HTM] O.V.P..html 13-Apr-2020 11:19 8k [IMG] OG44.png 17-Jun-2019 17:34 436k [IMG] OVP Ethiopia.png 13-Apr-2020 11:14 344k [IMG] OVP RA1.png 13-Apr-2020 11:14 2392k [IMG] OVP RA2.png 13-Apr-2020 11:14 1900k [IMG] Ortolani SMG.png 18-Jun-2019 13:40 164k [IMG] Parinco CI 3R.png 30-Aug-2019 08:07 844k [IMG] Patchett Carbinette.png 03-Jul-2014 08:40 824k [IMG] Patchett Mk.1 No.1.png 03-Jul-2014 08:40 852k [IMG] Patchett Mk.1 No.62.png 03-Jul-2014 08:40 884k [IMG] Patchett Mk.1.png 03-Jul-2014 08:40 1332k [IMG] Patchett Mk.I.png 17-Jun-2019 17:38 688k [HTM] Patchett.html 03-Jul-2014 08:39 4k [IMG] Pelo SMG.jpg 29-Aug-2019 17:13 152k [IMG] Pelo cross-section.png 08-Mar-2020 21:30 160k [IMG] Pelo rifle.png 08-Mar-2020 17:50 2452k [IMG] Petter.png 17-Jun-2019 17:37 384k [IMG] Pieper M34.png 31-Aug-2019 11:15 396k [IMG] RAN.png 14-Mar-2019 22:41 748k [IMG] RCAF Sten.png 30-Aug-2019 08:27 548k [HTM] ROFSTEN.html 03-Jul-2014 17:06 4k [IMG] ROFSTEN.png 03-Jul-2014 17:06 1048k [HTM] Rare US submachine guns WW2.html 27-Mar-2020 18:20 8k [IMG] Revelli OVP.jpg 18-Jun-2019 16:42 112k [IMG] Revelli SMG.png 18-Jun-2019 16:42 304k [IMG] Revelli-Beretta Mod.18.png 17-Jun-2019 11:49 2236k [HTM] Revelli-Beretta.html 18-Jun-2019 13:26 8k [IMG] Revelli-Beretta.png 17-Jun-2019 11:49 2760k [HTM] Revelli.html 24-Oct-2019 11:03 8k [IMG] Revelli.png 22-Jun-2019 12:50 1480k [HTM] Revolvers.html 15-Sep-2014 10:37 8k [IMG] Rexer.png 08-Mar-2020 21:29 2772k [IMG] Rexerautomaticrifle.png 08-Mar-2020 17:52 140k [IMG] Rheinmetall MP-20.png 30-Aug-2019 07:59 60k [IMG] Rieder Automatic.png 07-Jul-2014 13:04 1212k [IMG] Rieder Rifle.png 07-Jul-2014 13:04 1252k [IMG] Rieder Testing.png 07-Jul-2014 13:04 812k [HTM] Rieder automatic rifle.html 07-Jul-2014 13:03 4k [HTM] Rieder automatic rifle2.html 07-Jul-2014 13:06 4k [IMG] Rofgun.png 18-Jun-2019 13:40 616k [IMG] Rofsten.png 18-Jun-2019 13:42 892k [IMG] S&W SMG.png 27-Mar-2020 18:18 1036k [HTM] SAL Model 2.html 13-Apr-2020 07:39 4k [IMG] SAL Model 2.png 30-Aug-2019 08:27 204k [IMG] SAL XP54.jpg 30-Aug-2019 08:27 132k [IMG] SAL-2 1.png 13-Apr-2020 07:34 676k [IMG] SAL-2 2.png 13-Apr-2020 07:34 456k [IMG] SAL-2 3.png 13-Apr-2020 07:35 372k [IMG] SCK-65.png 18-Jun-2019 13:42 96k [IMG] SDK pistol.png 01-Apr-2020 09:03 2480k [IMG] SIG Bergmann M1920 1.png 30-Dec-2019 19:21 244k [IMG] SIG Bergmann.png 30-Dec-2019 19:21 708k [IMG] SIG M1920 Schematics.jpg 30-Dec-2019 19:25 292k [IMG] SIG MP20.png 18-Jun-2019 16:57 140k [HTM] SIG Model 1920.html 30-Dec-2019 19:20 8k [HTM] SMGs.html 31-Aug-2019 11:39 352k [IMG] STA 1924 2.png 15-Jun-2020 13:48 424k [IMG] STA 1924.png 15-Jun-2020 13:48 432k [IMG] STA Self-Loading Rifle.png 14-Jun-2020 17:02 4880k [IMG] STA.png 17-Jun-2019 17:38 716k [HTM] STA_Modele_1924.html 15-Jun-2020 13:52 8k [HTM] STA_Self_Loading_Rifle.html 14-Jun-2020 17:03 4k [IMG] STEN Mk.II silenced.png 03-Jul-2014 10:23 724k [IMG] STEN Mk.IIS.png 03-Jul-2014 10:23 948k [IMG] STEN MkII Wooden Stock.png 30-Jun-2014 19:46 788k [IMG] STEN MkIV.png 30-Jun-2014 19:46 720k [IMG] STEN MkIVB.png 30-Jun-2014 19:46 648k [IMG] STEN parts.png 03-Jul-2014 10:25 3096k [IMG] STEN silenced.png 03-Jul-2014 10:23 760k [IMG] STEN.png 30-Jun-2014 19:45 992k [IMG] STENGRIP.png 07-Jul-2014 12:01 896k [IMG] Schmeisser MK36.png 29-Aug-2019 16:58 208k [IMG] Schwarzlose SMG.png 29-Aug-2019 16:54 204k [IMG] Scotti 7.7mm MG.png 22-Feb-2020 17:37 448k [IMG] Scotti 7.7mm machine gun.png 22-Feb-2020 17:37 304k [HTM] Scotti 7.7mm.html 22-Feb-2020 17:38 4k [IMG] Sedgley SMG.png 27-Mar-2020 18:18 552k [IMG] Sedgley takedown gun collapsed.png 27-Mar-2020 18:18 536k [IMG] Sedgley takedown gun.png 27-Mar-2020 18:18 368k [HTM] SerLea-ACE.html 14-Aug-2014 07:55 4k unknown Serlea-ACE.Png 14-Aug-2014 07:29 748k [HTM] Silencedsten2.html 03-Jul-2014 10:22 4k [IMG] Simmel Werke.png 17-Jun-2019 17:34 372k [IMG] Slade-Adams 2.png 08-Mar-2020 17:53 116k [IMG] Slade-Adams.png 08-Mar-2020 17:53 208k [HTM] Snowdon percussion revolver.html 09-Jul-2014 16:41 4k [IMG] Soley Arms M2.png 21-Jun-2019 09:05 308k [IMG] Soley M2.png 30-Jun-2019 07:50 1576k [IMG] Soley SMG 1.png 01-Jul-2019 13:44 1588k [IMG] Soley SMG 2.png 01-Jul-2019 13:44 1492k [HTM] Soley.html 01-Jul-2019 14:01 4k [IMG] Solothurn S1-100.png 18-Jun-2019 13:39 128k [IMG] Sossso.png 18-Jun-2019 16:40 680k [IMG] Star TN35.png 30-Aug-2019 08:07 644k [IMG] Star Z45.png 30-Aug-2019 08:07 264k [IMG] Star Z62.png 30-Aug-2019 08:07 216k [IMG] Star Z70B.png 30-Aug-2019 08:07 628k [IMG] Sten Mk.I.png 14-Mar-2019 22:42 128k [IMG] Sten Mk.II.png 14-Mar-2019 22:42 48k [IMG] Sten Mk.IIB.png 30-Aug-2019 17:04 224k [IMG] Sten Mk.III C.png 30-Aug-2019 17:04 332k [IMG] Sten Mk.III.png 14-Mar-2019 22:42 92k [IMG] Sten Mk.IV.png 21-Jun-2019 09:08 388k [IMG] Sten Mk.IVB.png 21-Jun-2019 09:09 356k [IMG] Sten Mk.V.png 14-Mar-2019 22:42 140k [IMG] Sten Mk.VS.png 21-Jun-2019 09:09 260k [IMG] Sten Nr2A.png 26-Mar-2020 13:08 684k [IMG] Sterling Mk2.png 21-Jun-2019 09:10 344k [IMG] Steyr M.12P16.png 14-Apr-2020 14:32 1320k [IMG] Steyr M12 P16.png 14-Apr-2020 14:33 4156k [IMG] Steyr MPi69.png 18-Jun-2019 13:40 880k [IMG] Steyr-Solothurn Model 1930.png 18-Jun-2019 13:39 56k [IMG] Steyr-Solothurn Model 1934.png 18-Jun-2019 13:39 252k [IMG] Steyr-Solothurn S1-100 1930 2.png 29-Aug-2019 18:02 260k [IMG] Steyr-Solothurn S1-100 1930.png 18-Jun-2019 13:39 184k [HTM] Steyr_M.12_P16.html 14-Apr-2020 14:34 4k [IMG] Sturm-Pistolen.png 10-May-2020 11:13 1544k [HTM] Sturmpistole.html 11-May-2020 11:34 4k [IMG] Sturmpistole.png 29-Aug-2019 17:55 32k [IMG] Sturmpistolen 1917.png 24-Oct-2019 10:45 652k [IMG] Suomi 1934 I.jpg 29-Aug-2019 17:13 84k [IMG] Suomi M22.png 29-Aug-2019 17:39 456k [IMG] Suomi M24.png 31-Aug-2019 10:39 420k [IMG] Suomi M26.png 29-Aug-2019 17:39 500k [IMG] Suomi.png 18-Jun-2019 16:57 296k [IMG] Swe Hovea.png 17-Jun-2019 17:36 24k [IMG] Swedish Hovea.png 30-Aug-2019 17:46 324k [IMG] TZ45.png 17-Jun-2019 17:33 116k [HTM] The MCEM series.html 07-Sep-2014 09:56 12k [HTM] The Vokes Collection3.html 17-Jul-2014 16:47 12k [IMG] Thompson.png 03-Jul-2014 09:30 376k [HTM] Thompson2.html 03-Jul-2014 09:30 4k [IMG] Turner & Woodhull.png 27-Mar-2020 18:18 976k [HTM] Turner.html 08-Aug-2014 20:16 4k [IMG] Turner.png 08-Aug-2014 20:16 424k [IMG] Type 2.png 18-Jun-2019 13:43 228k [IMG] Unknown Austrian SMG.png 01-Apr-2020 12:18 1344k [HTM] Unknown SMG.html 10-May-2020 17:04 8k [HTM] Unknown_SMG.html 01-Apr-2020 12:24 8k [IMG] Uzi.png 31-Aug-2019 11:38 204k [IMG] VB.png 17-Jun-2019 17:34 156k [HTM] VBR CAR-2.html 30-Jun-2014 13:37 4k [HTM] VBR-CAR.html 30-Jun-2014 13:37 4k [IMG] VMP.png 29-Aug-2019 16:54 744k [IMG] Variara.png 17-Jun-2019 17:36 240k [IMG] Veseley V42.png 25-Sep-2014 13:44 296k [HTM] Veseley.html 03-Jul-2014 08:20 8k [HTM] Veseley2.html 03-Jul-2014 08:23 8k [IMG] Vesely.png 21-Jun-2019 09:08 220k [HTM] Victory Arms.html 30-Jun-2014 14:22 4k [IMG] Vigneron.png 18-Jun-2019 13:38 260k [IMG] Villar Perosa 1.png 10-May-2020 11:28 1572k [IMG] Villar Perosa 3.png 10-May-2020 11:12 2828k [IMG] Villar Perosa AA stand.png 17-Jun-2019 11:59 176k [IMG] Villar Perosa Alpini.png 17-Jun-2019 11:59 1960k [IMG] Villar Perosa France.png 10-May-2020 11:28 4496k [IMG] Villar Perosa O.V.P. 4.png 13-Apr-2020 11:14 1808k [IMG] Villar Perosa O.V.P..png 13-Apr-2020 11:14 1372k [IMG] Villar Perosa Profile.png 18-Jun-2019 16:42 116k [IMG] Villar Perosa bicycle.png 17-Jun-2019 11:59 56k [IMG] Villar Perosa disassembled.png 10-May-2020 11:17 3096k [IMG] Villar Perosa group.png 10-May-2020 11:17 524k [IMG] Villar Perosa in use.png 10-May-2020 11:12 952k [IMG] Villar Perosa pintle carrying case.png 10-May-2020 11:12 804k [IMG] Villar Perosa pintle tripod.png 10-May-2020 11:12 948k [IMG] Villar Perosa profile.png 30-Aug-2019 16:47 64k [IMG] Villar Perosa shield mount.png 10-May-2020 11:12 800k [IMG] Villar Perosa side.png 10-May-2020 11:28 4724k [IMG] Villar Perosa sighting.png 10-May-2020 11:19 5684k [IMG] Villar Perosa sprocket.png 10-May-2020 11:12 252k [IMG] Villar Perosa standard.png 10-May-2020 11:12 428k [IMG] Villar Perosa top view.png 10-May-2020 11:12 1376k [IMG] Villar Perosa trench.png 10-May-2020 11:12 840k [IMG] Villar Perosa walking fire.png 10-May-2020 11:14 2544k [HTM] Villar Perosa.html 17-Jun-2019 12:01 12k [IMG] Villar Perosa.png 17-Jun-2019 11:59 1028k [HTM] Villar_Perosa.html 11-May-2020 11:27 32k [IMG] Viper.png 14-Mar-2019 22:42 356k [IMG] W+F AK47 rifle.png 08-Mar-2020 17:50 2992k [IMG] W+F AK47.png 08-Mar-2020 17:26 2596k [IMG] W+F STG52.png 08-Mar-2020 17:27 3116k [IMG] W. H. Philip.png 15-Sep-2014 10:37 892k [IMG] Walther 1918 SMG.png 29-Aug-2019 16:54 56k [IMG] Walther MPL.png 29-Aug-2019 16:54 448k [IMG] Welgun.png 17-Jun-2019 17:37 532k [IMG] Winson & Daw.png 07-Jul-2014 14:20 324k [HTM] Witton & Daw percussion revolver.html 09-Jul-2014 16:42 4k [IMG] WoodenSten.png 30-Jun-2014 19:45 740k [IMG] Woodgate rifle.png 08-Mar-2020 17:50 2936k [IMG] Woodgate system.png 08-Mar-2020 17:50 52k [HTM] Woodhull.html 08-Aug-2014 20:12 4k [IMG] Woodhull.png 08-Aug-2014 20:12 844k [HTM] X16.html 07-Jul-2014 11:56 4k [IMG] X16.png 07-Jul-2014 11:56 1752k [IMG] X5.png 18-Jun-2019 16:55 1496k [IMG] birwarip2.png 30-Jun-2014 15:54 1060k [IMG] catalogue.png 17-Jul-2014 16:42 3856k [HTM] howell.html 30-Jun-2014 16:35 4k [HTM] huttonwilliams.html 30-Jun-2014 16:06 4k [HTM] mcem4.html 19-Aug-2014 21:00 4k [HTM] mcem5.html 19-Aug-2014 21:00 4k [IMG] output_dtbbx0.gif 14-Aug-2014 07:55 676k [HTM] sten.html 30-Jun-2014 19:46 4k

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