Enouy's percussion rifle

Enouy's percussion rifle, with the markings in detail.

In the past I have done a lot of research on Joseph Enouy's unusual percussion revolver, which utilized a rotating wheel of eight cylinders. I assumed this was Enouy's only patent, since I could not find any records regarding any other inventions of his. As it turns out, to my surprise, Enouy had another patent under his name, regarding a revolving rifle of which I had no previous knowledge. The rifle works in much the same way as Enouy's revolver, in that it incorporates a method of hastily switching between cylinders. The rifle, however, only has two cylinders as opposed to the eight of the revolver. It also does not incorporate the rotating wheel-and-spoke system of the revolver. Instead, the two cylinders are suspended on a central rotating axis. Enouy's rifle was patented in the same year as his revolver, and is marked JOSEPH ENOUY LONDON PATENT MULTIPLYING. No.1. Enouy's rifle is kept at the Museum of Artillery in Turin, Italy. Other examples may exist but I cannot confirm this; like Enouy's revolver, it may turn out to be a one-of-a-kind piece.

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