FN Saive submachine gun

Pistolet-Mitrailleur FN

FN Saive
This submachine gun was produced in the early 1950s by Fabrique Nationale of Belgium, and was designed by the prolific FN engineer Dieudonné Saive. It was essentially a copy of the Italian Beretta Model 38. It operated on a straight-blowback action firing from an open bolt. As per the Beretta, the cocking handle was disconnected from the bolt and did not reciprocate with it, and the ejection port was situated on the left side of the magazine housing. The barrel was also a close copy of the Beretta's, with a perforated barrel jacket and a four-slot muzzle compensator. A two-position fire selector switch and a safety lever were fitted near the trigger group. In addition, the Saive submachine gun took Beretta magazines of 20, 30, or 40 rounds.

The FN Saive submachine gun was made in two variations, a commercial model with a solid wooden stock and fixed magazine housing, and a compact model with a folding wire stock and swiveling magazine housing. The latter gun may have been intended for French military trials, but in any case neither version was successful. There was little market value in this design, especially since Beretta were still selling the Model 38 series for a reasonable price. The Saive design disappeared amidst the flood of cheaper post-war SMGs and FN abandoned it in favour of producing the Uzi under license from Israel.

Compacting version of the FN Saive submachine gun, made for French trials.

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