From submachine gun

Karlovich Froma
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This early Russian submachine gun was developed in 1917 by Vladimir Karlovich From. This seems to have been a Russian attempt to develop a weapon equivalent to the Italian Villar Perosa or the Austro-Hungarian Sturmpistole, attained by affixing three separate machine-guns together to create a multi-barreled weapon. However, unlike the Villar Perosa, the trigger mechanisms for these guns were interlinked. The weapon was chambered in a modified high-velocity 7.62x38mmR Nagant cartridge, technically making it an SMG. It was designed to be mounted to a wheeled Sokolov-type carriage, although reportedly it could also be mounted to aircraft for use as an observer's gun. The From submachine gun was built in prototype form, but was not adopted for general use, probably compounded by the October Revolution and Russia's subsequent exit from World War I which eliminated the requirement for such a weapon.

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