Holek "assault pistol"


The prolific Czech designer Václav Holek reputedly developed an early submachine gun-type weapon in the early 1920s while he was working at Praga Zbrojovka. This weapon was apparently known as the "assault pistol" or "attack pistol", but it was only made in prototype form and was never fully produced. Details about the design are unknown, although the naming may have been influenced by Austro-Hungarian SMG projects from World War I such as the similarly-named Sturmpistole, which had been produced in Czechoslovakia by Škoda from 1917 - 1918. A patent which may be related to Holek's "assault pistol" exists, depicting a helical-type magazine for pistol cartridges, filed by Praga Zbrojovka in 1921 and granted in 1923. However the patent does not give any indication how the weapon itself operated or what it looked like. Any prototypes that were produced are now presumably lost.

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