Marek 3J

In the mid-1930s a Czech designer, Jan Marek, developed an interesting concept for a burst-fire submachine gun with a high-capacity magazine. His second prototype, known as the 2J, was demonstrated before the French Army in 1937 but the weapon was still in the developmental stages when World War II broke out. Marek fled his home country for Britain, where he continued work on the design. The third, and probably final, prototype was called the 3J and blueprints for this gun were drawn up by Marek whilst he was living in London in 1942. The 3J was proposed to feed from an 156-round magazine, with an adjustable burst-firing mechanism giving 2, 3, 5, 6, 12, 16, 25, or 32-round bursts. Marek sent the blueprints to the Board of Ordnance, who expressed little interest in the design and, as far as is known, the concept never went any further.

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