Mauser Model 1933 submachine gun

Mauser MP33

In 1933 the famous Mauser firm demonstrated a new submachine gun for consideration by the German Army (Reichswehr). 1933 marked the date that the Nazis came into power and the restrictions on armaments production that had been enforced by the Versailles Treaty were no longer adhered to, and although this SMG appeared simultaneously to this, it is likely that it had actually been developed in secret in the preceding years. The Mauser SMG followed the Bergmann pattern, with a tubular receiver, jacketed barrel, and horizontal magazine feed. The internal bolt and guided return spring were also based on the Bergmann type. The barrel was screw-threaded to the receiver for easy removal, and this would suggest that multiple barrels were made to accommodate different cartridges. As it is, a known surviving example is chambered in 9x23mm Steyr, probably intended for Austrian export.

The furniture of the Mauser SMG deviates from the Bergmann rather noticeably. It does not use a rifle-type stock but rather a pistol grip and oddly inclined butt. The butt, like the barrel, is screw-threaded directly onto the receiver and acts as the end cap - the gun cannot fire without it attached. Also unlike the Bergmann, the Mauser features a fire selector switch on the left side of the pistol grip, giving automatic, single-fire, and safety settings. The sights are similar to the M.P.28,II, with an adjustable tangent rear sight and single post front sight. An interesting point to note is that only half of the length of the barrel jacket is perforated, and the other is partially covered by an extended wooden fore-end.

Mauser MP33 disassembled
The Mauser Model 33 submachine gun disassembled.

The Mauser 1933 SMG was offered for a brief period in the early - mid 1930s, but no sales materialized in that window of time and Mauser had considerably more success with their automatic "Schnellfeuer" machine-pistol; even though the Schnellfeuer was technically inferior to an actual submachine gun, Mauser clearly saw it as more profitable than this SMG and decided to give it greater priority.

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