Mitchell submachine gun

Calibre: 9x19mm
Barrel: 5in
Length: N/A
Weight: 4lb 12oz
Magazine: 32 rounds
Country: New Zealand
Years: 1943

On the 10th of December 1943, the Director of Artillery requested to the Secretary of the Ordnance Board that trials be organized for a new import from New Zealand. The weapon was the Allen Mitchell submachine gun and it was trialed by the Inspection Department. Apart from the pistol grip, the Mitchell was comprised entirely of metal and weighed about 4lb, 12oz in total. A STEN magazine was used and the fire rate was 700 per minute.

The trials found that the weapon was great when fired from the hip but it was generally too light for most roles. The barrel got excessively hot during continuous firing and the trigger mechanism was said to be slightly faulty. The final straw was probably the fact that the stock completed fell off at one point. It was returned to New Zealand for a redesign, but it is likely that no such redesign ever took place.

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