Do you remember Pickwits?

Pickwits were a self-described "post-music" band formed around 1991. The band toured many cities around the world but only ever released two albums. Their first album, "Go Go Go Hah!", was released in 1996 and only about 300 copies were ever made. They would not release another album for 3 years. Their 1999 album was called "Underrated & Undaunted" and was an ambient album that contained 46 minutes of ominous noise.

The band consisted of three main members but there may have been other collaborators. The core of the group was Eloff Carpenter and James Turquoise. Barely anything is really known about either of them. A third member called Ade Pillock was cited in their albums, although he never appeared in any of their live performances.

Eloff Carpenter

James Turqouise
James Turquoise

Unfortunately, after 2000, the Pickwits seems to have disappeared off the map. A "James Turquoise" is said to have been credited in another unrelated album by a different artist, but this remains unconfirmed. A recording of an alleged live performance by Pickwits in Tokyo, 2010, has been uploaded to the YouTube channel Dr. Frohman, but I have been unable to find any other information about that performance if it ever did really happen.