SOLA "Light" submachine gun

Pistolet-Mitrailleur SOLA "L├ęger"


This submachine gun was one of the few products of the Luxembourg-based SOLA S.A., a company that briefly produced submachine guns for commercial export. Along with their "Super" model, SOLA produced a "Light" submachine gun which was intended to be compact, cheap, and lightweight. In terms of design it was essentially a Sten-pattern submachine gun with an extremely basic construction comprising very few parts. It operated on a straight-blowback action housed in a stamped steel tubular receiver, fitted with a pistol grip and a retracting wire stock. The magazine feed took 32-round MP 40 mags.

The SOLA "Light" model reportedly cost less than $20 (in 1957 money) and could be produced in large quantities at short notice. However the only sales achieved were illicit deals with an arms trafficker, who supplied a large quantity of SOLA "Super" and "Light" submachine guns to FLN rebels in Algeria (detailed in the SOLA Super page). In connection with this illegal activity, the SOLA plant was raided by police in 1957 and 1,500 unsold SOLA "Light" submachine guns were confiscated, most being destroyed. SOLA briefly moved to plastics manufacturing before closing down in the early 1960s.

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