Calibre: 9x19mm
Barrel: N/A
Length: N/A
Weight: 2.27kg
Magazine: 30 rounds x2
Country: Lebanon/USA
Years: 1990 - 1994

The SerLea-ACE was an unusual development courtesy of Arms Craft & Engineering (ACE) of Oklahoma City. It was designed by a Lebanese man who brought the design to the USA in 1990 and marketed it to police forces. Allegedly the LAPD showed interest in the design but ultimately this led to nothing. A sole prototype was made that was chambered for 9x19mm blank cartridges, which was later sold to a private collection in 1997. In 1994, it was loaned to a movie studio and appeared (very briefly) in the 1994 movie Direct Hit. Arms Craft & Engineering provided all the firearms seen in the movie.

The SerLea-ACE's brief appearance in Direct Hit.

The SerLea's most notable feature was that it had twin barrels, each of which had a separate firing mechanism. Two 30-round magazines were used and if only one magazine was inserted, only one barrel would fire. The combined rate of fire from both barrels was 3000 rounds per minute; probably the highest rate of fire for any submachine gun. The SerLea was designed for hipfiring, and there were no sights affixed. Unloaded, the weapon weighed about 2.27kg.

The SerLea-ACE received little publicity, but it was featured in an article in the March 1994 issue of Gun World magazine.

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