Simson submachine gun

Maschinenpistole Simson

This submachine gun was reportedly developed in 1917 or 1918 in response to the German Army's request for an automatic pistol-caliber weapon. Several companies proposed their designs to meet this requirement, including Bergmann, Schwarzlose, Walther, DWM, Mauser, and Rheinmetall. A submachine gun designed at the Simson factory in Suhl was reportedly among the submissions, although the details are now scarce. It was said to have been stocked like the Gewehr 1888 rifle. The Bergmann submachine gun was adopted as the M.P.18,I and the Simson concept was rejected. Development of this weapon apparently did not continue after World War I, despite the fact that Simson was not subjected to the Versailles restrictions on manufacturing automatic weapons.

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