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Beretta 1918/30

Beretta Model 1918/30 automatic carbine

Beretta 191830

This carbine is already described on my page about the Beretta Mod.1918 carbine. Essentially the Mod.1918/30 was an improved version of the Mod.1918 that was developed by Beretta in the early 1930s. It completely revamped the action of the gun, replacing the delayed-blowback Villar Perosa action with a new closed-bolt system with a loose firing pin that was cocked by a guided rod protruding from the rear of the receiver, with a ring-shaped cocking piece. This earned the gun the nickname "Il Siringone" ("The Syringe"). The magazine feed was also revamped, taking straight box magazines from the underside of the receiver rather than the top. The folding bayonet was retained on most models of the gun. The Mod.1918/30 was produced by converting existing Mod.1918s, which accounts for why there are so few original Mod.1918s in existence today.

Some variants of the Mod.1918/30 were produced, including models with pommel grips and without the folding bayonet (variations in stock and furniture design were common amongst both the Mod.1918 and Mod.1918/30), in addition to a collapsible paratrooper model which featured a removable stock, and a civilian hunting model with a mounted scope. The latter were not successful endeavors.

The Mod.1918/30 was adopted as the standard weapon of the Milizia Forestale and was also used in training by Italian Army cadets. The Mod.1918/30 was also sold for export; many were made for the Argentinian federal police in 9x19mm Parabellum, and examples of both the Mod.1918 and Mod.1918/30 were used by the Ethiopians during the Italian invasion - these were probably not captured from the Italian Army, but rather sold to the Ethiopian government prior to the war. Many Mod.1918/30 carbines were also illicitly supplied to the French fascist militia La Cagoule in the late 1930s and were subsequently confiscated by the French police. During World War II, the Mod.1918/30 was used by both R.S.I. blackshirts and anti-fascist partisans in Italy.


Beretta 1918/30sBeretta 1918/30sBeretta 1918/30s
Italian military cadets graduating from training in 1943. The foremost men are carrying Beretta Mod.1918/30 carbines, and the rear have Mod.38A SMGs.

Milizia Forestale
Men of the Milizia Forestale (Forestry Corps) drilling with Mod.1918/30
carbines. This was their standard-issue rifle.

Beretta 1918/30 FranceBeretta 1918/30 France 2
Beretta 1918/30 carbines confiscated in France in October 1938. These were probably supplied to French fascists by Mussolini.

Beretta blackshirt
An R.S.I. blackshirt testing a Mod.1918/30 carbine.

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