Pavesi-Revelli submachine gun


This little-known submachine gun was developed during the interwar period and only made in small quantities. It was a blowback-operated design feeding from the 25-round overhead Villar Perosa magazine. The barrel was finned like the Thompson, and a wooden foregrip similar to that of the Erma EMP was built into the fore-end, directly underneath the magazine feed. Despite similarities of weapons like the Beretta Mod.1918 and O.V.P., which were converted from the Villar Perosa, the receiver of the Pavesi-Revelli was not lifted from the Villar Perosa and there is little sign of recycled components, except for the magazine. The Pavesi-Revelli was tested by the Italian Army in the 1930s, but was not accepted into service.

Ralph Riccio in his book Italian Small Arms of the First and Second World Wars supposes that this weapon was the result of collaboration between Abiel Revelli and Ugo Pavesi, an agricultural engineer. While this is a creditable assumption, I suspect this weapon was actually designed by Giuseppe Pavesi and Gino Revelli, the son of Abiel. Ugo Pavesi was not an arms designer, whereas Giuseppe Pavesi held several arms-related patents, including some shared with Gino Revelli. I would tentatively date the weapon to the mid-1930s - around the time G. Revelli and G. Pavesi are known to have collaborated - and it is evident from newsreel footage that it was undergoing testing in the 30s, not the early 20s as Riccio speculated.

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