Biwarip machine carbine


This was one of the first British-designed submachine guns, submitted to the Small Arms Committee in August 1938. The designer, manufacturer, and meaning of the name "Biwarip" are unfortunately lost knowledge, but the design was remarkably forward-thinking for its time. The gun operated on a basic straight-blowback action housed inside a tubular receiver, feeding from a horizontal 30-round magazine, as was standard for most SMGs. However, unusually for a pre-war submachine gun, the Biwarip featured no wooden stock and was fired from a basic pistol-grip. The overall construction of the gun, using the bare minimum furniture and relying on simple components, was highly reminiscent of the later Sten and Sterling SMGs. The Biwarip did not attract any considerable interest and was considered too light by the Committee. It was not developed any further - a missed opportunity in the wake of World War II, perhaps. (Personal note: I suspect the inventor was somewhat bitter when the Sten appeared to great fanfare.)

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