McLachlan machine carbine

A.S. McLachlan submitted his submachine gun to the Ordnance Board in 1943. The design exhibited several unusual features. The description given by the examining officer on the 23rd of July 1943 was as follows:
"This is a blow back machine gun whose bolt is very light and formed into a rack in its lower part; this rack is geared with a quadrant. The 2 basic ideas seem to be: a). the moving mass consists of rotating quadrant instead of a longitudinally moving bolt, b). the magazine is parallel to the barrel. The moving quadrant transfers the rounds from the magazine to their position in front of the chamber."
The Ordnance Board did not consider the McLachlan gun to be worth investigating any further, as it offered no merits over the existing Sten gun. However the OB did express some interest in Mr. McLachlan as an engineer and thought it appropriate to encourage him to continue work on other designs. Whether he ever acted on this is not known.

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